We empower people to be self-reliant by training and equipping the next generation of farmers. Our Farmer Entrepreneurs are trained in advanced agricultural practices, animal farming, farm management and post-harvest storage techniques.

Upon completion of training, we provide them with drought-resistant seed supply, livestock, modern agricultural equipment, and land on which to plant and harvest crops. We create a culture of empowerment, support and accountability by organizing Farmer Entrepreneurs into community groups.

Our Farmer Entrepreneurs specialize in growing short period crops, which are quick to generate nutritious food, as well as income. These crops typically need only a period of one to six months to grow. Examples include a wide variety of foods including grains (corn, rice and wheat), legumes (soya beans, ground nuts), as well as fruit and vegetables (carrots, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, watermelon). The proceeds after harvest are used for entrepreneurial projects of their choice.

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